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Summer 2017 E-Magazine! MooMoo Milk Recipe Doujin! Homesick Doujin! Spring 2017 E-Magazine! Gothy's Sleepover Doujin! My Beloved Senpai Doujin! Magical Mishap Doujin! Zelda's Meow Art Pack! Cat Lingerie Part 2 Art Pack! Cat Lingerie Art Pack! Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows Doujin! Merry Hoofmas Art Pack! Your Loyal Secretary Doujin! Applejack's Splatwars Doujin! The Element of Generosity Doujin! Finger Technique Doujin! Plushie Playtime Doujin! Gourmet Sundaes Art Pack! MLP x AC Art Pack! Whipped Adventures doujin!