Things you need to know before you contact me about a commission:

– Some artists need exact details but I work better if I get only the necessary information. I will have my own ideas on the picture as well so you don’t have to think about everything on your own!

– I only start working on the commissions if I’m paid up-front! There are also no refunds!

– You can look through my gallery to see what you can expect from me style-wise, please don’t ask me to change my style drastically for your commission!

– I don’t send WIP just be aware! I will work all the way through until completion!


Things I draw – Anime, Furry (Anthro/Feral/MLP/Pokemon).. pretty much everything within my style that is cute! For explicit images: yuri, straight, futanari, furry, anime, petite, thicc, combinations of all that was mentioned! Cute and sexy all the way! <3

Things I don’t draw – Elderly, Robots (depending), Most (Extreme) fetishes for Explicit images like: Gore, Vore, Scat, Underage, Violence/Rape.

Regarding Private Commissions: If you’d like a commission to not be released publically and just in my art pack there will be a +25% increase of the total price, and for completely private (Just you and me) it’s a +50% increase of the total price!

Potential Discounts on commissions: 

New Release Related (15% discount) If the character you have in mind is involved in a new release within a month of commission request! Has to be gaming / anime / popular fandoms related! (Example: Character releases April 20th and you ask for a commission May 10th of that character, you’ll get a 15% discount off the total price!)  The artwork will also be drawn ASAP and uploaded ASAP to all of my sites! This also will be up for discussion with me! :3


If there is any questions about what I would draw or not, and if you are interested in a commission please join my Discord at: and then message me @ lumineko#0001 !  (I won’t accept random friend requests if you’re not in my discord!)

For payment-  (Please wait until after I accept your commission request to pay! Thanks!)

streamlabs (paypal / credit):

Speed Paint

Price:  USD 60

– 1 character max with gradient background included

When submitting a character please use this format!: (Characters / rating / tags)  

Example: Twilight sparkle / ecchi / looking_at_viewer , spreading_wings

– No work in progress showing

– Simple or no background involved

– No fixups / edits, those are for Regular Paints and higher!

– Nothing too serious about this slot, you get what you get! 


Current Event Theme: Winter!

Current Event Series: Metroid Dread, Dragon Maid S / Mini Dragon

Favorite Characters:

Isabelle (Animal Crossing) , Noelle (Deltarune) , Beatrice (Re:Zero), Kanna (Dragon Maid), Hex Maniac, Acerola (Pokemon),  Coco Pommel (MLP), Len, Miyako (Melty Blood)

Additional Information:


– Ratings: (Safe , Ecchi and Explicit!)

– Tags (The tags are from booru sites like sankakucomplex or danbooru)


Modifiers can automatically apply if degen topics / ocs are involved! You can also add on to get more out of the picture!


+$30 = 2 chars instead of 1!

+$10 – 30 = Degen Theme Involved?

 +$10 = 4 tags instead of 2!

+$10 = Lesser known OCs involved

-$5 = Theme set by me instead! Or instead a -$5 for a continuation of a previous daily speed paint!

-$5 Current event / Newly revealed waifu / Lumi’s favorites / Lumi’s characters OR -$10 for Main Fan Series Characters! (Maining Animal Crossing currently!)


Regular Paint

Price:  USD 120.00 SFW/NSFW

– 1 character with simple background included in base price

Possible Additions:


– extra characters – $50 for 1st, $75 for additional

– semi detailed background – $25

– minor version edits (expressions etc) – $15

– bigger version edits (nude version/full outfits etc) – $25 for nude, $50 for additional outfits

1 Comic Page

Prices:  (Up to 5 panels)

Monochrome: Each Panel = 25 USD SFW/NSFW

Colored: Each panel = 50 USD  SFW/NSFW

Part of 1 character up to 1 full characcter in 1 frame of a simple background included in base price


If you order 4 pages, you get 1 page for free but it is a 1 panel page and a Simple Paint Cover as well! (Only for becoming a 5 page mini comic chapter)  ATM I am only taking 5 page max comic commissions!

Additional cost will apply for how detailed each panel will be. Will be discussed with me! 

Examples: additional characters in each panel, more dynamic poses, more detailed backgrounds, really detailed outfits, etc.


(Currently not available)

Price:  USD 40.00 for 1

65.00 for 2

90.00 for 3

– 1 character max 

Additional Information:


– For Avatars/RAWRvatar: Only give me character reference!

– For Emote: Give char reference + emote reference to mimic!

– For Profile: Give char reference and it is a bust shot draw! (Chest and above)

Detailed Paint (Currently not available)

Price:  USD 150.00  SFW/NSFW

– 1 character with semi-detailed background included in base price

Possible Additions:


– extra characters – $75 for 1st, $100 for additional

– more detailed background / setting – $50

– minor version edits (expressions etc) – $25

– bigger version edits (nude version/full outfits etc) – $40 for nude, $80 for additional