TLDR: Hey everyone! I’m doing draws for charity during SGDQ! Come hang out! 

[6/24 – 6/30] 12pm – 9pm PST every day! 


Prices and the things you can get are on my stream!  The characters for the draws must be from a game being played on the gdq schedule for today!

If you are interested in getting something, please message me at my stream!

50% of all tips will be sent to the GDQ charity during the final game! RAWR!

Will be doing this event alongside watching SGDQ! My own stream time will be the usual (12pm PST to 9pm PST) It will end on the final day of the GDQ on 6/30/2018!

My own event is in no way affiliated with games done quick! It’s my own little fun thing to help out! ^^