Doing Speed Paints for Charity! (July 4th – 11th!) Each speed paint starts at $50 and half goes to the GDQ event! The speed paint is of 1 character from a game being ran at the event ( along with a theme of up to 2 words! If interested in getting one, join my discord ( and message me! lumineko#0001

Format for the speed paint: Character -> Sfw/Ecchi or NSFW -> Theme of up to 2 words -> Any modifiers? Example: Princess Peach & Toad , Ecchi , Mushroom/Licking , 2 characters

Modifiers: +$30 = 2 characters instead of 1! +$20 = Out of my comfort zone/degenerate theme! (discuss w/ me!) +$10 = 3 more description words for a total of 5! -$5 = Theme set by me instead, just supply the character and if it’s sfw / ecchi / nsfw!
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